Herb Teas

Steep for 4 minutes

Chamomile Known to help relax the muscles and relieve stress.

1oz: $6.00
2oz : $12.00

Peppermint Prevents travel sickness, fend off migraines, and help aid the digestive system.

1oz: $6.00
2oz : $12.00

Lemon Ginger Lemongrass & Dried Ginger. All natural to help the common cold.

2oz: $6.00
4oz: $12.00

Get Well Soon Tea A blend of ginger and other heating spices to get rid of that sore throat and inner cold.

2oz: $8.50
4oz: $17.00

Mint Chocolate Chip Dark chocolate chips in peppermint.

2oz: $8.00
4oz: $16.00

Coming Home Free from Caffeine, this tea tastes just like coffee. Contains gluten.

4oz: $12.00
8oz: $24.00